The Hario 'Tea Hat' Teabag Pot is a cute and convenient way to make a delicious and perfectly-brewed cup of tea, without making a mess. Simply boil your water, add your teabag and place the lid on the pot, making sure to pass the string of the teabag through the notch at the handle side of the pot. When the tea is brewed, lift the teabag upwards and secure in the slit in the top of the lid.

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The Infuser Tea Tumbler from Planetary Design sets the bar higher than any other infuser on the market, with the ability to brew tea and stop the infusion process without the need to remove the tea from the mug. Designed with a fine mesh filter and patented infusion-stopping chamber the Infuser Tea Tumbler brews a lovely cup of tea without over-steeping. Once the plunger is pressed all the way down, the tea leaves are compressed into a solid chamber and are removed away from the water. You can also use this Tea Tumbler for making cold brew coffee or add some fruit to the chamber to create flavoured water.
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Sienna twin wall glass set 250ml
The Avanti Twin Wall glasses will keep hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold, for longer. Made from borosilicate glass they are designed for thermal efficiency and heat shock resistance.
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Tea Infuser Travel Mug, 500ml, glass and silicone with stainless steel infuser. The eco-friendly alternative to disposable bottles. Ideal to infuse tea on the go. Leak proof stainless steel cap and protective silicone sleeve. BPA free and lead free. Dishwasher safe.
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